Diploma In Agriculture (Animal Science)

This course is based on the job required to be performed by the Junior Technicians (JT) at different levels of the public and private sectors of agriculture and community development related work in Nepal. Therefore, this curriculum is designed to provide knowledge and skills focusing on Agriculture Animal Science related to the occupation.

CTEVT has been able to produce skilled mid-level frontline human resources in agriculture in Nepal. As the major organization for technical human resource production, CTEVT has a major challenge meeting the demands in the changing context. This is only possible with a comprehensive curriculum that incorporates contextual and contemporary needs. In this context, CTEVT has introduced a revised curriculum for Diploma in Agriculture (Plant Science) [Intermediate of Science in Agriculture-Major in Animal Science].

This curriculum has following objectives:

1. Diagnose symptoms of different animal diseases and health conditions of livestock species and pets;

2. Provide preventive and curative services to domesticated animal of farmers and different scales of animal production system;

3. Delver animal management, first aid and referral services;

4. Deliver extension and community development services as a front-line extension worker;

5. Conduct farmers training as a local level resource person for improving animal health, animal feeds, management and caring systems;

6. Carryout agribusiness management and cooperatives services at rural and urban areas in public and private sectors;

7. Promote livestock commodities such as milk, eggs, fur, leather and wool production;

8. Communicate effectively and work collaboratively in multidisciplinary and multicultural work environments through recognizing and understanding the global, environmental, social, and ethical contexts of their work; and

9. Enable to prepare business plan for establishing small scale production and service related agro-enterprise firms.

The group size is a maximum of 40 in a batch.

The total duration of this curricular program is three academic years [six semesters]. The program is based on semester system. Moreover, one semester consists of 19.5 academic weeks including evaluation period. Actual teaching learning Hrs. will be not less than 15 weeks in each semester.

• SLC or SEE pass with a minimum C grade in any two subjects and a D+ in any one subject among mathematics, science, and English, or as per the provisions mentioned in the admission guidelines of the Office of the Controller of Examinations, CTEVT.

• Pre-diploma in Agriculture (Animal Science) or equivalent with a minimum 67.00%.

• Pass entrance examination administered by CTEVT.