About Polytechnic

Shree Krishna Prasad Koirala Sewa Guthi (KPKS) is a nonprofit social organization established in 2056 B.S. with the objective of uplifting the socio-economic status of the rural poor. It has implemented many programs, i.e., social mobilization, capacity building, skill development, and income-generating programs, for the lower strata of society living below the poverty line.

A vocational training center (VTC) was also established in 2058 B.S. (2002 AD) and run under the joint effort of Sri Krishna Prasad Koirala Sewa Guthi and the government organization CTEVT “Council for Technical Education and Vocational Training”. The Center is a professionally managed organization with the objective of providing basic and middle-level skills in various sectors to meet the demand for skilled manpower in the country. The center is registered with the Council for Technical Education and Vocational Training (CTEVT). It is located in Siswani Jahada VDC, ward no. 3 of Morang district, which is 10 km east from the headquarter (Biratnagar) and lies one km south of the Biratnagar-Rangeli road. The late Deputy Prime Minister, Miss Sailaja Acharya, is the founder president of this training center, and she is also the founder president of the trust. The Center has highly experienced board members with a wide range of expertise. Currently, this VTC has been upgraded to Sailaja Achrya Memorial Polytechnic, approved by CTEVT, and is now competent to further recognize it even abroad.

The Center has standard policies, procedures, and practices to promote quality performance. It has a wide range of experience successfully conducting training programs to develop skilled manpower. It has a pool of human resources with various educational backgrounds and expertise.

VTC now Polytechnic has experience in executing academic technical education for PCL Nursing (Proficiency Certificate Level), ANM (Assistance Nursing Midwifery), and AAHW (Ayurveda Assistant Health Worker), which have been phased out since 2077 B.S. Now VJTA (Veterinary Junior Technical Assistant) and PJTA (Plant Science Junior Technical Assistant) courses are being offered, and it is active in imparting quality education for the same.

Besides VTC (now Polytechnic), it has also been providing skill-based vocational training in close collaboration with SWC (Social Welfare Council) Kathmandu, SCI (Small Cottage Industry) Morang, DDC (District Development Committee) Morang, and Nepal Polytechnic Institute, Bharatpur, to the youths of different areas. The trainings include agriculture-related vocational training, basic sewing cutting, advanced sewing cutting, off-season vegetable produce, dairy produce, sweet making, beekeeping, hand boutique, and small livestock training.

 Our Vision

Our vision is to make Nepal prosperous right from the village, emphasizing the weaker gender to be self-dependent, helping them stand on their own two feet, and bringing them justice to be an equal part of society.


The institution is committed to the village folk and tries to attract them to simple vocational training and make them aware of their capacity to be a part of the present-day national stream and benefit from that.


to enable unemployed, semi-educated, and uneducated people to be efficient and self-sufficient by providing them with various technical education programs.

to provide semi- and higher-educated people with short-term skill-based vocational training (middle and higher-level technical training) so they can earn a living.

Gradually expanding the program to include more villages

to activate the village mass and acquire grass-roots support for our movement.


  • KPKS emphasizes the active participation of target communities in technical education programs and short-term skill-based vocational training.
  • Each program will be conducted inclusively.
  • Mobilize communities in various income-generating programs to enable them to achieve self-reliance by providing skill training.
  • Provide consultancy or any other assistance as a resource center to individuals, groups, societies, institutions, or voluntary agencies working in the sector of community development.

Scope of the area

KPKS has expertise in the following areas:

  • Academic and technical education
  • Short-Term Skill-Based Vocational Trainings
  • Research, surveys, monitoring, and evaluations
  • Gender advocacy and women’s empowerment
  • Participatory rural development
  • Livelihood improvement
  • Institutional development
  • Social mobilization